Marilú Mapengo Namoda: LOVE PRAXIS: Arts and Politics of giving birth to the FutureS

LOVE PRAXIS is an art intervention living at the crossroads of crafting new politics

In times of extreme identity political polarization, we create space for healing by (re)membering ourselves as wholes and interconnected Earth beings; Our proposal is a journey towards the manifestation of a LOVE ( o ) politics for the collective liberation; ( o ) as a decision, as an act of commitment to how we face the world and our own existence; We engage with the trouble of our historical wounds from within ourselves and by doing so, we seek and integrate old-new and cracking narratives/perspectives to dilute and expand the modern ways in which we perceive reality and social justice; It is from this radical place of ancestral Queerness and surrender that we weave imaginaries of complexities that go beyond the mechanisms that have been labeling, separating, and oppressing us; 

LOVE PRAXIS holds an animist approach inspired by the Yoruba spiritual philosophies and practices from where we awaken old monsters, water the wildness within, and invite us to dwell with the sky;

It's a ceremony of radical hope and beauty;

Collective grief and utopias;

All living at the end of everything that can start, now _____ .


Phanuel AntwiMomtaza Mehri & Ana Teixeira Pinto will respond to the question Can love heal colonial trauma?



LOVE PRAXIS: Arts and Politics of giving birth to the FutureS will be presented at Turbine 2, Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy on Wednesday July 13.