DAI Week nr. 8 ~ hosted by NAC, NIDA on the Curonian Spit in Lithuania. June 11 till 18, 2023

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Dearest DAI community, 

Time flies...After the intensity of our COOP gatherings in St.Erme (October, May, April), in Arnhem (November), in Nida (February), and in  Santa Marina Salina (May) we are now nearing the COOP's annual Grand Finale (which by the way, is formally considered to be an exam and each student's presence is required. See Syllabus 2022 - 2023).

Most important is, by all means, the joyful intra-action between all students, tutors, guests, DAI & NAC VAA crew members and "the public". Find the official invitation to our program here:

COOP SUMMIT 2023 ~ 6 COOP study groups forge their research into an assemblage of happenings

For the six upcoming days we will now return to our friends and hosts at Nida Art Colony whose support has been so invaluable, all along. The first four days will be entirely dedicated to the preparations for COOP SUMMIT 2023, with the exception of some f2f meetings with Gabriëlle, please consult the day to day program.

We want to express our gratitude to ALL of you. However wild and unexpected the outcome may turn out, we are eagerly looking forward to be in your energetic presence and to (un)learn from your learnings. 

Yours truly,

Nikos Doulos, COOP's Education Team Leader &

Gabriëlle Schleijpen, DAI's Artistic Director & Head of Program

Faculty present in Nida: 

We are most appreciative of all dear tutors and guests, who are joining us for the conclusion of our 2022 -2023 COOP study group trajectory, all the way to that remarkable small strip of land, wedged in between the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon:            

Akinbode AkinbiyiMarwa ArsaniosYin Aiwen, Frédérique BergholtzJurga Daubaraitė, Sagal Farah, Chiara Figone, Leon Filter, Billy Fowo, Egija Inzule, Emanuela MalteseSnejanka Mihaylova, Rory Pilgrim, Marianna TakouLeire Vergara, and Jonas Žukauskas.

With special guest Tautvydas Urbelis whom we have invited to write a Meditation, reflecting upon the 2 days of COOP SUMMIT 2023.

DAI Crew present in Nida:

*Co-ordinator logistics (with Jacq van der Spek in absentia): Kastė Šeškevičiūtė.

*Production leader and senior facilitator work spaces Roaming Academy | technical support: Peter Sattler, for this special occasion assisted by Marika Vandekraats.

We welcome Baha Görkem Yalim back in our midst to work on the documentation of COOP SUMMIT 2023 for our ARCHIVES


*Culinary input by Marla Nábožna, Alicja Jurasińska (Soma Food Kitchen) & Tomek Pawłowski-Jarmołajew.

NAC Staff present in Nida:

Egija Inzule, director of NAC.

Alberta Globienė, administrator. 

Giedrius Globys, general facilities administration and maintenance. 

Vasilisa Filatova, administrator.

Milena Černiakaitė, communication coordinator

Dalia Jokūbauskaitė & Katerina Vaseko, cleaning staff

*Back Office (remotely):

Vinita Gatne is our travel coordinator in dialogue with our travel agent *Monique Hemmink a.k.a. Hemminkways*Corine van der Wal, our bookkeeper, while Rik Fernhout tracks all possible formal hurdles on DAI's pathways, in relation to exam-regulations. Last but not least:*Friends & Family (& more): Ricardo Liong-A-Kong

Please consult our Crew-webpage for a more complete overview and the division of tasks.

DAI Week 3 from day to day:


Sunday 11 -ARRIVAL

Monday 12

Tuesday 13

Wednesday 14

Thursday 15 

Friday 16 ~ COOP SUMMIT 2023

Saturday 17 ~ COOP SUMMIT 2023

Sunday 18 - DEPARTURE


COVID Protocol ~ updated for Nida

NAC (Nida Art Colony)

E. A. Jonušo str. 3

Neringa LT-93127


How to reach Nida Art Colony

Practical info and some agreements at NAC

Where and what in Nida and Neringa