Hello at NAC!

NAC is a subdivision of Vilnius Academy of Arts, that opened in 2011. NAC operates all year round providing space for workshops, intensive courses, seminars, rehearsals, or just rooms to rent. NAC runs an artist-in-residency programme, organizes exhibitions, events and initiates long-term projects as well as conducts research. Sign up to NAC Newsletter for news about the programme, residency open calls and job openings.

Practical info and some agreements at NAC:

Emergency No: 112

There is an emergency healthcare center in Nida at Taikos g. 11, Nida

You can consult it for less severe injuries. You will be brought to Klaipeda in case of more severe issues

Call for any emergency (health, fire, police), support will be guided to you.

For any questions regarding your room, emergency, or in case smth is broken or missing, please contact Jacq or Kaste. If necessary they will connect to NAC staff - if they are not available and your request is urgent, dial +370 629 39 438

WiFi: Guests / akademija

Covid-19: please check DAI's COVID Protocol for the specific guidelines

Silent hours

The general silent hours at NAC are midnight–8am. This rule is applied to all territory, including roof and ground floor terraces. Sound isolation in the building is poor. For late night gatherings you can use the fireplace area or just not at NAC.


Smoking is prohibited everywhere inside of the building. We have one ash tray on the terrace in front of the timber drying shed. Please don’t smoke on the roof terrace or on the terrace in front of the rooms as smoke gets in the first floor rooms. If you smoke next to the fireplace or elsewhere in the public space, please don’t leave the cigarette buts behind. NAC staff will ask you to leave premises, if these rules won’t be followed.


We have few bikes for rent at NAC. Please contact administration if you want to rent them for few hours. Bikes that are standing around unlocked might be broken or belong to staff members, please don’t use them.


Yellow = plastic and cans; Green = glas; Blue = paper; Beer cans and PET have 0.10deposit – we collect them in the main kitchen, returns are used for the food for NAC cats: Bobo and Kara.

Washing machines and hairdryer

Washing and drying including detergent cost 3. Please ask for access and settle the payment at administration office. After use of the dryer, clean the dust collector.
In the same room there is a shelf with first aid box, toilet paper, basic cleaning tools, dishwasher liquid to fill up the dispenser in the kitchen, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner and laundry drying rack. You are welcome to use these items, please return them after use.

Common kitchen, 

The DAI chefs will be in charge of the common kitchen - please respect their temporary modus operandi. Kaste will organise the cleaning schedules. 

Sauna and firewood

As NAC guest you can use the sauna at the beach for 30donation to firewood and upkeeping of the sauna. Ask administrator for availability. For using fireplace outside, ask administrator to introduce you to which firewood to take and how to restock it properly. page1image63874816 page1image63869248

Woolen blankets

Please don’t take woolen blankets outside of the house, especially not to the beach. It is not possible to clean them from the sand properly afterwards.

Departure and laundry collection

Check-out is at 11am. When departing, please wash up and dry the dishes, take out the trash (container on E. A. Jonuo str.) and bring bedsheets and towels to collection point behind the main kitchen (see map attached).


Vaidava ceramic bowls, clogs, artists multiples, books published by Kirvarpa – the publishing house of Neringa Forest Architecture project at NAC and a selection of books by Six Chairs Books are all for sale at this store, which is an installation by the artist Sarah Staton. Ask administration to open the store of call +370 629 39 438.

NAC Reading Room

You are welcome to use the reading room to work and scroll through the publications. The library is in the process of reconstruction, thus it is slightly confusing and difficult to find specific publications. Apologies for inconvenience in this regard! Please check out the books if you take them, and return upon your departure. The library is being operated based on trust. Food and drinks are prohibited to use in the library.

Pianos and Spiders

At NAC we don’t kill spiders and don’t destroy their nets on the terrace. The outdoor led lighting planned by the architects provides excellent conditions for flies to gather and for spiders to build their nets accordingly. If you see a spider in your room, bring it outside. If you have phobia of spiders, unfortunately NAC is the wrong place for you to stay.
There are two pianos at NAC – in the kitchen and the conference room. Both are off tune, or just expired Soviet quality. You are welcome to use them for off tune songs, given the other guests agree with your performance.

Roaming, Border to Russia and Strict Reserve

You can walk to the border along the beach. Be careful and switch off “automatic network selection” on your phone as you can drift in to the Russian network = for EU phones expensive roaming. Crossing the border and being caught by Lithuanian border patrol costs 40and around 3h at the border station. Crossing the strict reserve territory that is located in front of the border area (accessible from the dunes and forest) costs 90and should not be done to keep peace to the animals living there.

Zero tolerance

At NAC all guests are treated equally no matter their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status or physical disability. Zero tolerance is applied to abusive, violent, hostile, and hate-based acts.
Immediately report to your supervisors and/or NAC staff in case you notice or experience abusive behavior.
Be friendly and respectful to each other, the NAC staff as well as artists in residence and any other guests in the house. Be mindful towards NAC infrastructure and things around you.

Disrespecting the above described rules will lead to warnings and/or immediate departure from NAC.

Introduction to history of Nida and Neringa

As introduction to the history of Nida and Neringa, it is worth looking into the publication Migrants and Refugees on the Curonian Spit. It is accessible online.

Some ongoing projects at NAC

*Neringa Forest Architecture
*Shepherds’ Residency
*Chicago Boys: while we were singing they were dreaming...
*4Cs: From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture
(Creative Europe Project) Garden
*Research Commission: Curonian Spit, a Moving Image
*10 Years NAC

General NAC Website (NAC is in process of changing its name. “Colony” shall be renamed “Residency”; while this process is still ongoing in discussion with VAA senate who must approve the initiative, NAC website is somewhat under construction waiting for a new website to come).NAC Team

Alberta, Administrator Mon-Fri Milda, Administrator Sat-Sun Giedrius, Housekeepe
Nijole and Dalia, Janitors Martina and Julija, Interns

Egija, Director
Monika, Director of administration (Vilnius) Luka, Communication coordinator (Vilnius) Cats: Bobo and Kara
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Groceries / Pharmacy / ATM / Emergency in Nida

Grocery Store: Maxima, Naglių 29A, Nida (Open 7:00–24:00; Alcohol is sold until 20:00) Pharmacy is located inside Maxima (Different hours than Maxima, open until 18:00 for sure) Cash machine: SEB and Citadele ATM in supermarket Maxima; Swedbank next to bus station