2020-2021 UNDERSTORY CHANT ~ 24 Aeroponic Acts

conversations-in-a-form, invigorated by sonsbeek20→24.

Each act of 20 minutes offers a question as a practice of engagement.

DAI invited Barby Asante, Lisette Lagnado and Momtaza Mehri to respond, by means of spoken, improvised reflections, and help us think through what will be embodied and proposed by 24 DAI graduates 2021.

(whereby it should be noted that the aeroponic acts mark the end of only one out of the several journeys the students have to accomplish during their two years of study with DAI. Projects such as the writing of a thesis or the committed participation in the COOP collectives are also at the heart of our program ~ this year our annual COOP SUMMIT will be presented at Santuari de Lluc, Mallorca on the 5th and 6th of Octobre upcoming).


*click on the title for a brief introduction to each act

Day 1 – Wednesday August 25 

10:00–10:50 | Raffia Li:

I-我 we/us-我们  you-你/你们  They- TA/TA们

10:50–11:40 | Ilgın Deniz Akseloğlu:

Interbeing: A proposal to meet

11:40–12:30 | Niccolò Masini:

Red and Blue, Blue and Red: A practice of collecting that does not seek to retrieve.

Lunch 12:30–14:00

14:00–14:50 | Georgia Stellin (with guest artist Raffaela Naldi Rossano):


14:50–15:40 | Elvis Krstulović:

Invisible Matter

15:40–16:30 | Clara Winter & Miguel Ferráez:

no cops, no jails, no linear fucking time 

Break 16:30–17:00

17:00–17:50 | Alexandra Duvekot & Rosa Ronsdorf:

Sonic Witch

17:50–18:40 |  Rosa Ronsdorf & Alexandra Duvekot:

Sonic Witch

Dinner 19:00 

Day 2 – Thursday August 26

10:00–10:50 | Marie Tučková:

I gave you everything I drank for free

10:50–11:40 | Philippa Driest:

Maintaining Community?

11:40–12:30 |

Mia van den Bos:

Reading toward a manifesto

Lunch 12:30–14:00

14:00–14:50 | Kari Rosenfeld:

On the Inconvenience of Exhaustion

14:50–15:40 | Sophie de Serière:

where do things last?

15:40–16:30 | Raul Silva:

Something better than me

Break 16:30–17:00

17:00–17:50 | Anna Piroska Tóth:

What can an aroma tell? How to listen?

17:50–18:40 | Lou Lou Sainsbury:

pollen spools out, words scatter through a waiting room window

Dinner 19:00

Day 3 – Friday,  August 27

10:00–10:50 | Azul De Monte:

ow! that’s cute!                                                                           

10:50–11:40 | Hubert Gromny:

have you heard about the street

11:40–12:30 | Csilla Klenyánszki:

Bearing Fruits

Lunch 12:30–14:00

14:00–14:50 | Zane Zajančkauska

Why does it bring such a joy?

14:50–15:40 | Gabriela dos Santos: 

...leaving identity for?

15:40–16:30 | Litchi Friedrich:


Break 16:30–17:00

17:00–17:50 | Mayar Alexan:

Next To The Aquarium

17:50–18:40 |  Miguel Ferráez & Clara Winter:

ppl stuck in time-windows shouldn't be throwing bricks 


Dinner 19:15



Rosendaalsestraat 27,


The Netherlands


With respect to Posttheater’s COVID-19 regulation in line with Dutch Governement policies and DAI’s COVID-19 protocol, we are able to welcome in our midst a limited number of members of the public. 

For those unable to make it, we are eagerly looking forward to sharing with you a LIVE STREAM link (on the day of the event).


With respect to all participants coming from various countries (many of which maintain strict rules with regards to public gatherings) entrance at the venue is  granted only with a negative Covid-19 test (not older than 24h) – for all, irrespective of being vaccinated, unvaccinated or recovered. Alternatively we offer a set-test upon arrival at the lobby of Posttheater. 

Kindly respect distance and wear a mask when not seated. 

If you experience Covid-19 related symptoms prior to the event, please restrain from joining us. 

Lunch & Dinner: 

You are welcome to join our communal vegetarian meals prepared by Axe & Porridge &  Pick Up Catering

RESERVE a meal at n.doulos@artez.nl till August 25

LUNCH: 6 euros

DINNER (including a glass of wine): 9 euros

Payments to take place on location via Tikkie (mobile phone) or by cash (kindly asked to provide the exact amount) 


Giulia Crispiani (DAI, 2017): curator, moderator

Gabriëlle Schleijpen: artistic director, co-curator 

sonsbeek20→24: partner, co-curator 


Lauren Alexander (DAI, 2011), Hanna Rullmann with Nikos Doulos (DAI, 2008) ~ communication and social media design and reporting.  

Harun Morisson (DAI, 2020) ~ written reports.                                        

Peter Sattler (DAI, 2016) assisted by Risa Horn (DAI, 2020) as well as the Posttheater  technical team ~ live stream and technical production and support   

Jacq van der Spek, assisted by Vinita Gatne (DAI, 2019) and Hemminkways ~ hospitality and care

Corine van der Wal ~ financial administration

Baha Görkem Yalim (DAI 2018) ~ video documentation 



The alliance between DAI and sonsbeek20-24 radiates outwards in multiple efforts, culminating into a joint program, a hybrid of sonsbeek20-24 ‘s councils and DAI’s Roaming Assembly (a recurring, guest curated public symposium). Iterations revolve around, touch upon and articulate in different ways the connections between the educational efforts of DAI and the line of questioning around 'labour and its sonicities' that is central to sonsbeek20-24.

Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 August: you are welcome to also join us for Roaming Assembly#29 presents Sonsbeek Council#3 ~ SEXWORK IS HONEST WORK ~ an ongoing invocation convened by sonsbeek20→24


AEROPONIC ACTS are an annually recurring part of the Planetary Campus curriculum component.