Update 14 July, 2021: The DAI’s COVID-19 protocol

July 2021: Covid regulations in France will be paramount while we are accommodated by PAF in St. Erme: https://www.gouvernement.fr/en/coronavirus-covid-19

DAI’s Covid-19 protocol

*The DAI brings people of multiple generations (including 60 +), health conditions, orientations, nationalities, socio-economic and geo-political backgrounds together at a variety of locations. Diverse concerns and levels of anxiety in regard to Covid-19 must be respected at all times.

*In preparation of, as well as during DAI Weeks it is mandatory (not optional) to fully respect this protocol. Any deviation from the protocol could seriously jeopardise our community’s safety and the future of our program - as well as that of some of our hosts. We trust that all of us will act responsibly and will respond responsibly to requests for (more) distance and safety from any one in our community. Should you feel that your concerns are not given the consideration they deserve we ask you to contact a member of the DAI crew (all members are fully committed to speak up and help implement this protocol: which will be binding) or to bring this concern to the General assembly and/or the COUNCIL

*This updated protocol will be guiding us from July 2021 onward, all through the current academic year as well as the next or untill further notice.

*A link to the national protocol (in English) of the country where a specific DAI Week will take will be published on top of this page.

National protocols will be informing our policy, but are overruled by DAI's own guidelines (in combination with guidelines issued by our location hosts) unless the regulations of a country are more strict. In that case the national guidelines of the country where we are residing are binding. The regulations back home are overruled by both DAI , 

*If you have any, even mild symptoms associated with Covid-19 we unfortunately cannot allow you to join the DAI Week. Mild symptoms of coronavirus include: runny nose, sore throat, cough or fever. Sudden loss of smell or taste can also be a symptom of COVID-19. Please get tested as soon as possible and wait for the results before joining us. When tested negative you are welcome to join us in the flesh.

*If you live in a household with someone, who has severe symptoms of Covid-19, or who has been tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days, we unfortunately cannot allow you to join the DAI Week. If possible, please get tested, and wait for the results before joining us. When tested negative you are welcome to join us in the flesh.

*The DAI is committed to accommodate individual students and tutors who are unable to join a DAI Week in-the-flesh due to above mentioned Covid-19 conditions, or due to specific Covid-19 quarantaine regulations and related travel restrictions, by providing and supporting online connectivity throughout the DAI Week.

*DAI is committed to provide safe spaces for our DAI Week gatherings and to facilitate communal study, meals, accommodation and conviviality at locations where the protocol can be practiced. For the academic year 2020-2021 we will be mostly focussing on bringing our program to non-urban locations where we will have easy access to the outdoors and where we can breathe plenty of fresh air. We will gather in spaces that allow us to keep the one-and-half meter distance at all times. During transfers by mini-van or touring car, when this space cannot be fully guaranteed we will make use of plastic screens and you will be obliged to wear a face-mask during the ride. 

*During DAI Weeks we request you to always respect the one and a half meter distance between bodies (meaning that sadly we cannot shake hands, kiss or hug anybody other than those with whom we have already been close for over the past 14 days). This applies to both work- as well as shared DAI home spaces. 

*Face masks: wear them as much as possible. If not wearing them (for example when you are performing or eating or sleeping or walking in airy, outdoor areas) you are requested to be even more strict about the one and half meter distance rule.

*Hand sanitizer will be provided for frequent use during DAI-gatherings.

*When sharing toilets, bathrooms or showers, all members of our community are requested to sanitize these facilities after use. Products will be provided. 

*Extra attention must be/will be given to the cleaning of all utensils related to the food that we share during our communal meals.

*During, as well as in between DAI Weeks Jacq van der Spek will be available to share any concerns relating to your health. She will also be the one to provide you with practical information in regard to the medical situation and facilities at all of our destinations. Within the team we have formed a CARE TEAM; its task is to look into urgent problems and difficulties, caused by or amplified by the Covid-19 crisis.

*Daily temperature checks will be performed. Jacq will bring a fever thermometer to every DAI Week location. 

*If you start feeling ill while already present during a DAI Week on location you are required to self-isolate and to immediately inform Jacq (or the person who replaces her). The DAI team, together with you, will decide about the neccessary next steps and will assist you with any formal proceedings. It goes without words that all students and faculty present on location will be supporting you to make the best out of this unfortunate condition.

*If a DAI Week is organised outside of the Netherlands we will duly inform you about the quarantaine-regulations  that are in place in our host country. In case of a (renewed) lockdown in the country where the next upcoming DAI Week is scheduled, all parts of the program that can be shared online will be brought online, any remaining acts and activities will be postponed or replaced by other formats.

*If an entire DAI Week program must go online we will rigorously stick to the initial time-frame as published on our calendar, in our bulletin. Meaning that the scheduled DAI Week time frames will be fully respected under all conditions.

*If an entire DAI Week must be transferred to online spaces, a pre-fixed allowance will be arranged in regard to a student’s Project Fund contribution. An elaboration and protocol for the modus operandi of the Project Fund will be communicated to all students via e-mail.

*Suggestions for improvement of this protocol and the measures that it intends to implement can be shared with Gabriëlle Schleijpen via e-mail or during the regular DAI Week sessions of the DAI’s Council.

* See also: CARE of ARTEZ University of the Arts, the Dutch Ministry of Education and other organisations



Please come back regularly to this page - it will be updated whenever relevant