Raul Silva: Something better than me

A relation between visual signs, creating different symbolisms to approach history. I am trying to produce a cycle of interpretations that need to be decrypted over and over with a graphic object.

This project tries to reflect how our historical failures to change the current political system have brought us to realize that we are at an endpoint that cant be reversed. Or if it could, how would it be? We need to change our interests, our way of feeling, understanding and perceiving. Our way to interact. Seems impossible. But what is this other form that can be better than me?


Barby Asante, Lisette Lagnado and Momtaza Mehri will respond to the question: What do we have to change?

Raul Silva's UNDERSTORY CHANT 2021 aeroponic act, "Something better than mewill be presented before live audience at, as well as live-streamed from, the Posttheater in Arnhem on August 26th

Please find all details here: https://dutchartinstitute.eu/page/16592