Planetary Campus: The Kitchen 2018-2019

02.10.17 | tags: Arnhem, St.Erme, Cagliari, Dessau, Epen

As an infrastructure Planetary Campus is the container for several activities initiated by the DAI, one of them is

The Kitchen

“Orality…is inseparable from the body in movement.”
 ~ Édouard Glissant

Each DAI-week, one full day is dedicated to individual presentations, lectures and lecture-performances (recognized here as a longstanding unique discipline, a hybrid of research, lecture, visual art and performative narrative techniques) by a, monthly changing, group of 10 to 11 students. The "Kitchen" as an educational tool was coined in 2003 by DAI and molded and sculpted ever since (meanwhile the format has proliferated to other institutions). The Kitchen-format offers individual students the possibility to present their independent work and research updates, proposals, experiments and other relevant or urgent musings. For DAI, as a Roaming Academy without studio spaces, this is the platform where practices can be shared among the entire student body as well as with "outside". Embedded in a rigorous curriculum consisting of curated, collective study groups and seminars, the Kitchen offers a sheltered "free space” to individual DAI-students: for the duration of twenty uninterrupted minutes each student is invited to 'speak' to an audience consisting of all their fellow students, the director, a camera and the camera woman, and famously, two, monthly changing guest respondents (invited makers and thinkers) as well as the occasional interested auditor (you are welcome to join a session; please contact Nikos Doulos). 

The Question

The Kitchen comes with a quite strict protocol. Beginning their presentation with a carefully crafted key question, each student presents work or research by means of performance, talk, performance-lecture, screening, reading, choreography, play, demonstration, action, presentation of relevant aspects of praxis or work in progress or process, reference sets or, a combination of (some of) these formats. Other than the limits of the given time and space frame there are actually no restrictions to the content and the format of the presentation. Following each presentation, in a conversational mode, the two invited respondents try to engage with the presentation by means of an improvised, non-judgemental, raw, sketchy, temptative, spoken reflection, roughly guided by "the question". 

The Feed Back 

Apart from the, on the spot, improvised responses to The Kitchen presentations & The Question by the invited, monthly changing guests, each student is furthermore offerend one intensive and completely personal advisory session (face to face) with either Rebecca SakounHypatia Vourloumis or a mystery guest (soon to be announced), according to a schedule which will be published  in the monthly bulletin. The advises are projected towards the final presentations in Berlin (for second students this concerns their Graduation Acts in the presence of accomplished guests plus all the DAI's theory-tutors and for first year students we are working towards their end of year Kitchen in the presence of COOP representatives.

Each DAI-week, after the Kitchen presentation, the students who have been performing/presenting will have a meeting with Gabriëlle Schleijpen, the initiator of the format, and witness to many hundreds of Kitchen-presentations since its inception. She is also the one who, upon graduation gives out the credits for the relevance, care, inventivity and acumen with which a student has managed to make use of this two-year long curriculum component and platform for all the unique voices within our student community.  Departing from what has been expressed by means of the presentation, this specific conversation with the Head of Program can also serve as a focussed moment for a student to share any relevant personal questions, concerns, ideas and proposals in regard to art, research, life & DAI (in any desired order). Note for students: f2f meetings with Gabriëlle will overlap with the COOP studygroups.

Last but not least: "Feed-Back" is a student led format to prepare or to debrief the Kitchen presentations. The sessions are held in small groups moderated by a student. Read more here.

The Camera

The regular presentations will be documented and can be made available to the student-presenter as a tool for reflection and learning. In principle we will not publish any part of this documentation without permission. This restriction applies for the students as well: it is not allowed to make the responses by our guests public without their permission. 

That said, the final Kitchen presentations after two years at the DAI, coined Graduation Acts are entirely public: the event in front of an audience,  the resulting video registration plus a written report form an integral part of the format. See: Graduduation Acts Videos

The Schedule 


Sunday October 14 in Arnhem - Introductory session

14:00 -17:00

Location: Coehoorn, Coehoornstraat 17, 6811 LA

Respondents: Hypatia Vourloumis and Pilar Mata Dupont

14:00 An introduction to the Kitchen by Gabriëlle Schleijpen

14:30 An introduction to her current exhibition in Rotterdam by Pilar Mata Dupont

14:55  Matthieu Blond

15:35 Teresa Distelberger

16:15 Olivia Abacherli.                                                                                                                                         

Monday November 12  in Arnhem

09:00 -17:00

Location: ArtEZ Oude Kraan 26

Respondents: researcher/curator Galit Eilat and artist Quinsy Gario

Referee: DAI-director Gabriëlle Schleijpen

Camera: Silvia Ulloa

Technical support: Ricardo Liong-A-Kong


9:30 introduction

9:40 Dina Mohamed

10:20 Elien Ronse

11:00 Sara Benaglia

11:40 Joannie Baumgärtner

12:20 Sara Cattin

13:00 - 14:00

Communal lunch 

Location: Walter

14:00 Lucie Draai

14:40 Raphael Daibert

15:20 Saskia Burggraaf

16:00 Clara Saito

16:40 Franceska Hawker

17:20 Wrap Up

Sunday December 9 in St.Erme

09:00 -17:00

Location: PAF, room...

Respondents: TBC

Timeline: TBC

Matthew Wang

Julian Fricker

Harun Morrison

Martina Mächler

Hannah O’Flynn

Livio Casanova

Anastasia McCammon

Irati Irulegui Otermin

Edel O'Reilly

Marc Norbert Hörler

Polly Wright


Sunday January 13 in Cagliari

09:00 -17:00


Respondents: TBC

Timeline: TBC

Risa Horn

Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal

Emma De Filippo

Hasan Top

Karina Sarkissova

Teresa Distelberger

Gayatri Kodikal

Lea Rüegg

Wilf Speller

Ciprian Burete

Sunday February 10, Epen

09:00 -17:00

Location: Patronaat

Respondents: TBC

Timeline: TBC

Jasmin Schädler

Simon(e) van Saarloos

Francisco Mojica

Assem A. Hendawi

Konstantin Mitrokhov

Dayna Casey 

Jiatu Gu

Leeron Tur-Kaspa

Yen Noh

Eric Peter

Clara Amaral

Saturday March 9,  Dessau

09:00 -17:00

Location: Bauhaus



Timeline: TBC 

Vinita Gatne

Lukas Hoffman

Sepideh Behrouzian

Zachary Schoenhut

Flavia Palladino

Samantha McCulloch

Ciarán Wood

Olivia Abächerli

Zoe Scoglio

Maxime Gourdon

Sofia Montenegro

Monday April 15, Epen

09:00 -17:00

Location: Patronaat

Respondents: TBC

Timeline: TBC

Dorothy Hunter

Vita Buyvid

Zoi Moutsokou

Nilz Källgren

Nine Postma

Bethany Crawford

Duruo Wang

Giorgos Gripeos

Mandus Ridefelt

Matthieu Blond