Thematic seminars: in 2023-2024 they are conceived and offered by Dr. Ana Teixeira Pinto, Dr. Amit Rai, Dr. Ghalya Saadawi, Dr. Grant Watson, Dr. Hypatia Vourloumis and Mayra A. Rodríguez Castro

Each theory tutor thematically steers and leads a series of regular two-or-more days long plenary study sessions. Both students in their first as well as in their second year of study must complete one full HTDTWT-seminar over the course of each academic year (two HTDTWT-seminars in total during DAI's two year study-trajectory). In preparation for the intensive gatherings the students read a variety of carefully selected theoretical texts. Cinematic, aural and other works can be presented for collective analysis as well. Active participation and input from the students is required.The composition of each seminar group is mixed: first and second year students read, discuss and study together.