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All seminars, study groups, student led classes, lectures, travels, events and all other happenings that occured during the DAI's extraordinary itinerary through time and places are archived here, more or less chronologically, per academic year. CONTINUUM "begins" in TODAY ( last update: August 2023) and moves backward till 2003, step, by leap, by step.

CONTINUUM as a content-oriented archive is for ever under construction and thus always incomplete. We collect what has been made visible, tangible ~ what has been described, noted, noticed. But DAI as CONTINUUM is only possible because of the endless and enduring labour & love of those who are not (so often) in the center of attention. 

Should you, alumn, (former) (guest) tutor or otherwise stakeholder in a DAI-project or event of the past, be in the possesion of any (textual, visual or aural) materials that could help us to archive "all things DAI"( so, including those outside of art and theory's attention economy), you are most welcome to contact Gabriëlle Schleijpen. 

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Also part of DAI's eventful CONTINUUM & archived yes, absolutely, although not under ARCHIVES:

Roaming Assembly  

Alumni Embassy 

Tutor Galaxy 




2018-2019, June 28 + 29 ~ Announcement + Program COOP Summit 2019 in Cagliari

The outcome of seven COOP study groups' year-long inquiry to be shared with the public of Cagliari at a variety of settings, generously accommodated by institutional and less institutional hosts. 

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