2019-2020, March 6+7 ~ The Singapore Biennale hosts the Eurasia Underground Library – Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons with Dutch Art Institute

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Eurasia Underground Library’ is a branch of Unmapping Eurasia where the formation and transmission of knowledge upon “unmapping Eurasia” is exercised. It is the library that opens wherever the mutually trained librarians gather and create access for the public to Eurasian knowledge and imagination. It also works as an occasion to recruit and train new librarians.

‘Eurasia Underground Library’ was conceived by the study group (2018/2019) at the Dutch Art Institute in partnership with Casco Art Institute, comprising the participating artists: Sepideh Behrouzian, Matthieu Blond, Giorgos Gripeos, Lukas Malte Hoffmann, Irati Irulegi, Francisco Mojica, Yen Noh, Lea Rüegg, Zoe Scoglio, Duruo Wang, Matthew Wang and the curators Binna Choi and Mi You. 

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COOP study group 2018-2019 Unmapping Eurasia