2020-2021 Factory 2.0 ~ STUDENT LED work sessions, work shops, and work outs

* DAIsolation ~ organised and led by Maoyi (Peixuan Qiu) 

* ✨💦 DAI Radio 💦✨initiated by Lou Lou Sainsbury - Produced by DAI Radio Crew: Kari Rosenfeld, Lou Lou Sainsbury, Iga Świeściak, Dylan Spencer-Davidson, Maoyi (Peixuan Qui), Dakota Guo, Miguel Ferráez, Derek Di Fabio, Laura Dubourjal, Cristina Emmel, Jan Pieter ’t Hart, Lissy Willberg, Lau ten Zeldam, Liza Rinkema Rapuš, Lacey Verhalen & Zane Zajančkauska. 

* Nidra Practice, Deeprelax and Lucid Sleep ~ Initiated by Laura Dubourjal - led by Dunja Zabunovic

* Morning Movement sessions ~ organised by Ioana Lupascu & Maoyi Peixuan Qiu

Picking me softly...organised by Anna Piroska Tóth 

* home expeditions ~ led by Liza Rinkema Rapuš

* blind drawing session ~ led by Laura ten Zeldam

HowToodeeDooThhingsweeooWithwwwwine ~ led by Maud Gyssels

* Embodiment je t’aime ~ led by Ilgin Akseloglu, Alexandra Duvekot & Anna Piroska Tóth

the write way… led by velvet leigh

DAI's FOREST LIVING ROOM ~ activated by Ioana Lupascu

* Bonding with grass ~ organised by Emmeli Person

Embodied Mneumonics with Susan Ploetz ~ initiated by Lacey Verhalen

DAIstrology ~ led by Marilú Mapengo Namoda 

* Glitch + Artifact ~ led by Miguel Ferráez

* KIOSK ~ led by Flip Driest

Lost and found » Trying on memories ~ organised by Sophie de Serière & Anna Piroska Tóth

* Pop-Up Rave ~ led by Bambi van Balen & Maoyi Peixuan Qiu

Factory 2.0, student-led activities were facilitated by DAI by making them part of the syllabus 2020-2021 and by providing space and time for gathering. They were embedded in the curriculum component Factory 2.0 and participation was credited with ECTS.