2021-2022 Factory 2.0 ~ STUDENT LED work sessions, work shops, and work outs

Abolition as a quantum-transfeminism decolonial practice Led by Derek De Fabio

MOVING AND HAVING PHONES.lab Led by Iga Świeściak

NEW RELATIONSHIP ENERGY Led by Dylan Spencer-Davidson

Body Choir Led by Michael Fisher feat. Maoyi (Peixuan Qiu) & Marika Vandekraats

Exploring sonic interbeing Led by Lissy Willberg

Upcycling: Garments to Bags Led by Laura Dubourjal

(t)here is (k)now write way… ~ Led by velvet leigh

come whine with usLed by Isabelle Weber & Maud Gyssels

SOUND TECHNIQUES ~ Led by João Polido 

KITCHEN SPEED DATE ~ Led by Iga Świeściak, Ioana Lupascu & Maoyi (Peixuan Qiu)  

FORMAL PRACTICES Led by Izaro Ieregi Gonzalez 

***If you DAI in this fiction you DAI for real**** ~ Led by Emmeli Person & Alexandra Martens Serrano

The City - Laurie Anderson live lecture on ZOOMOrganised by Derek di Fabio

Factory 2.0, student-led activities were facilitated by DAI by making them part of the syllabus 2020-2021 and by providing space and time for gathering. They were embedded in the curriculum component Factory 2.0 and participation was credited with ECTS.