2021-2022 Factory 2:0: come whine with us

JUNE 13 2022

Led by Isabelle Weber & Maud Gyssels

When: 18:00 – 19:00

Where: PAF 

°°Pour me some, I’ll let you take a sip drip
Do you feel that            °          °  
soft prickling,                    °   °             ° °
tender tingling on °   your tongue?
glurp, °glurpp glurp..° °
Maybe we could taste and start talking about wine differently (more fun? less snobby?):    
°        what other bodily parts can be activated, or memories can be shared, or how can it inspire a story?  Come w(h)ine with us °
(maybe we just want to drink another boxed wine at dai) °
(maybe bring a wine you like from home)
maybe we just wanna get intoxicated ;) hahahahh °
haha yes but what about nikos °
let’s just put it like that in the bulletin °
,))) ° °
° °
°   °
       °   °


This student initiative is facilitated by DAI by making it part of the syllabus 2021-2022 and by providing space and time for gathering. It is embedded in the curriculum component Factory 2.0 and participation is credited with ECTS.