DAI salutes Professor Irit Rogoff and a striking number of DAI core tutors (past and present) who will be celebrating 12 years of the Curatorial/Knowledge PhD program at Goldsmiths with a conference on the 11th of October (much to our regret coinciding with DAI 's opening of the year on the same day). But our UK -based alumns do not need to miss out on Ana Texeira Pinto, Bassam el Baroni, Doreen Mende, Sarah Pierce, Grant Watson and other brilliant minds !

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Irit Rogoff wrote us: 

"On the 11th of October, we are having a half day conference to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the Curatorial/Knowledge program at Goldsmiths. We would like to invite you and the students in your program who share so many of the concerns of Curatorial/Knowledge to join us for this event. 

Curatorial/Knowledge was set up as an intervention in the field of curating via the study of concepts and ideas and the understanding of curating as an arena of research and knowledge production. As a crossover theory/practice PH.D program (and more recently also M.Res) it has been able to promote inventive research that challenges and expands the idea of curating. Over the past 12 years 30 participants have completed degrees and taken up pivotal roles in a range of art world institutions and self-organized structures. We are very glad to see the work of an academic program have a considerable impact in the field of practice, raising questions that foreground broad and considered reflection.

The event will include presentations by curator Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, founder and director of Savvy Contemporary, Berlin and by writer Ana Teixeira Pinto of Leuphana University and DAI. There will be 2 presentations and 2 panels by participants of the Curatorial/Knowledge program.

On October 11th we will hold a half day conference looking at the potentialities of the curatorial to effect social lives. Since its inception in 2006, the Curatorial/Knowledge program has focused on how to shift from the professional practice of ‘curating’, to the ‘curatorial’ as producing the event of knowledge. One of its aims has been to explore creating proximity between knowledges and exhibitionary strategies. Another has been to treat research as the main event of the curatorial, rather than as a preliminary activity. Valuing study and research as forms of public activity, Curatorial/Knowledge has posed questions about how we make things manifest and how we identify stakeholders within introverted processes.


Opening remarks from Irit Rogoff and Stefan Nowotny

Bonaventure Soh Beijing Ndikung — presentation and discussion

Conversation 1: Doreen Mende, Ines Morerira, Theodor Ringborg, Carolina Rito

Ana Teixeira Pinto — presentation and discussion

Conversation 2: Bassam el Baroni, Sarah Pierce, Joshua Simon, Aneta Szylak, Grant Watson

— This event is free. All are welcome!