FACTORY ~ student led

Factory STUDENT LED activities encompass all (recurring as well as unique) group initiatives and undertakings organized and guided by and for the student body. 

Factory STUDENT LED offers the students time and space to engage with a variety of activities, self-organised among students with the support of the WEAVER Team, both on a structural base as well ad hoc. Factory 2.0 aims to offer students agency and responsibility in relation to DAI’s modus operandi at large: as co-creator, communicator, co-producer, learner, listener, organiser, participant, performer, presenter, reporter, researcher and respondent.

Embedded in the time frame of Factory 2.0, student led activities encompass all group initiatives and undertakings organized by the student body. Each DAI Confluence and during the indicated time slots, DAI’s on-site facilities open up to enable the gatherings of existing student-organized groups: 

Student Led 2022-2023

Student Led 2021-2022

Student Led 2020-2021