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2014 - 2015 COOP Academy / Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory presents: Publishing Class V: INLAND

Core tutor: Fernando García-Dory. Curator and course leader: Sanne Oorthuizen

A collaboration between Casco, DAI & Werkplaats Typografie

Participants DAI: Coco Duivenvoorde, Pilar Mata Dupont, Joost Mellink, Avan Omar Muhammad, Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos, Maja Renn, Mathilde Sauzet, Celia Shomal, Savannah Theis, Melissa Tun Tun, Dai Xiyun

Participants WT: Ronja Andersen, Olya Domoradova, Meg Forsyth, Josse Pyl, Nerijus Rimkus, Maud Vervenne, Caroline Wolewinski


tags: Arnhem, Utrecht

2014 -2015 COOP Academy / Open! presents: Affective Images: How Public Images Produce Affect in a Digital Age

Project curator & core tutor: Jorinde Seijdel  Co-tutor: Florian Göttke

Guest tutors: Metahaven, Foundland, Eric Kluitenberg, Niels Schrader, Brian Massumi

Participants: Ben Burtenshaw, Eduardo Cachucho, Charlie Dance, Sebastian De Line, Katja den Dulk, Monique Hendriksen, Yung Han Juan, Jammie Nicholas, Marie-Andrée Pellerin, Miguel Angel Rego Robles, Kaste Šeškeviciute, Aarti Sunder, Hu Wei and Amir Avraham ( Werkplaats Typografie)

tag: Arnhem

2014 -2015 Roaming Academy / If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution & Jon Mikel Euba present: ACTION UNITES, WORDS DIVIDE (ON PRAXIS, AN UNSTATED THEORY)

In collaboration with TAAK: Summerschool Marfa 2015

Participants: Maria Barlasov, Michelle Browne, Charlie Dance, Martha Jager, Jammie Nicholas, Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos, Marie-Andree Pellerin, Mathilde Sauzet, Malina Suliman, Melissa Tun Tun

tags: Arnhem, Amsterdam, Marfa