2014 Wednesday November 5 at 19:30 The Sonsbeek Series ~ Session Nr 2: a talk and an artist presentation followed by conversation & discussion. Location: DAI's auditorium, Kortestraat 27.

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The DAI in Arnhem kindly invites you to the second session of The Sonsbeek Series 

Wednesday November 5 at 19:30:

Rieke Vos: Sonsbeek Support Structures

In her talk curator Rieke Vos will reflect upon the balance and tensions between support structures and artistic merits of periodical art events, in this case Sonsbeek. A periodical art event like Sonsbeek has many stakeholders with multitudinous ambitions and desires. Governments, sponsors, administrators, artists, curators, publics, beneficiaries, collaborators - a plurality of interests that, one way or the other, is implied in the final outcome. This talk will be about autonomy and implication and how to make conditional support work for you.
To do this Rieke Vos will look at support structures of subsequent Sonsbeek exhibitions and compare them with other midscale town periodical exhibitions, such as the Mercosul Biennial in Porto Alegre, Le Biennale de Rennes and Skulpture Münster.


Lado Darakhvelidze: Art Broadcasting and Artist Labour

Arnhem based artist Lado Darakhvelidze (born in Kutaisi in Georgia) will share some reflections on his experiences as a student-participant in the DAI project "Manifesta 8, platform for unsolicited research and advice" (2010), his participation as an invited artist in the 11th Istanbul Biennial (2009) as well as on his very recent contribution to Manifesta 10 in Petersburg (2014).

After their respective presentations Rieke Vos and Lado Darakhvelidze will engage in a conversation with each other and with the audience.

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