Tuesday January 20 at 20:00 ~ Multiple Subjectivities - Decolonizing the ethnographic photo archive, by Anke Bangma upon invitation by Florian Göttke for the DAI's Associate PHD Rsearch Collective

 Our understanding of the history of photography is changing as more and more attention is paid to photography outside the limited frame and narrative of the West. This talk will explore how new approaches may open up other histories within the ethnographic photo archive. How did photography serve practices of self-fashioning of a multiplicity of subjects? Can an archive that was once so invested in constructing images of ‘others’ contribute to new understandings of photography as a global medium?

Anke Bangma is Curator Photography and Contemporary Art at the National Museum of World Cultures (Amsterdam/Leiden). She has worked with artist such as Mathilde ter Heijne, Erick Beltran, Charl Landvreugd and Jompet Kuswidananto. Recent projects include the exhibition ‘Look at Me’ and the conference ‘Imagined Selves: Photography, Self-Fashioning and the Archive’ (2014). She is also supervisor for the Nordic Artistic Research Fellowship Programme.

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