March 11 & 12: Live coverage for E-flux of Public Programme / DAI Roaming Assembly #12 at the Contour Biennale 8 by DAI's temporary editorial office. Editor in chief is Federica Bueti.

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(And, Not Kill the Groove)  

How best to report on a live event when merely summarising what people say may kill the groove of live-transmission? How do you convey experiences and energies produced by the presence of so many bodies, ideas, and words in one space in a piece of writing? E-flux conversations has commissioned a live coverage of Public Programme / DAI Roaming Assembly #12 Planetary Records: Performing Justice Between Art and Law.

A live-coverage can be a boring task. How can we turn this format into an occasion for experimenting with collaborative forms of critical writing? It’s not easy but we can try our best. DAI invited Federica Bueti to act as editor-in chief and to form a temporary editorial office. Students will take up the roles of editors and writers alternatively teaming up to cover the events. Since we will be working against time and under pressure, trust and a collaborative attitude are essential.

During each session, we will use a google-doc to share notes and images and produce the language that will then be used to assemble the piece during the breaks between sessions. Students will have Federica's support and co-ordination throughout the process. They will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, or learn how an editorial office works, how tasks are shared and how editors and writers team up and together take responsibilities and assure the quality of the writing that goes out into the world.

Federica Bueti is sharing with you some examples of past live-coverage:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The idea is not to reproduce the same type of writing, but rather to challenge it!

DAI's temporary editorial office: Florencia Almirón, Alaa Abu Asad, Sara Benaglia, Luca Carboni, Clementine Edwards, Sonia Kazovsky, Wayne Lim, Ines Marita Schärer, Isabelle Sully and Wilfred Tomescu.

Editor in chief: Federica Bueti

First meet and greet for the team: Thursday evening March 9, around the evening dinner table in Mechelen.