2015-2017 Florencia Almirón (Poland/Argentina)


Florencia’s work has undergone an intense transformation in the last years. It began with found objects, or fragments of objects, arranged in installations and sculptures with the intention to make them ‘speak’ in poetic terms. However, the ambitious and complex project KM 53 had a deep impact in her practice. It started with the apparently simple gesture of moving the remains of a collapsing billboard from a rural area in Argentina to a new location in the city of Buenos Aires. However, the dimensions of the object and, more significantly, the apparent lack of practical purpose to carry out such an endeavour (which meant a serious mobilisation of logistic resources) encountered multiple bureaucratic resistances. The content of the work turned out to be the disclosure of a network of laws and regulations that determine the possibilities of action in our everyday experience. KM 53 represents a point of inflexion in Florencia’s understanding of art practice, and she has decided to explore this new direction within the academic environment of DAI.