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The Dutch Art Institute (a.k.a. DAI Art Praxis) is a fully accredited MA program, acclaimed for its independent, inventive and innovative curriculum. Recently DAI, next to other MA's such as the famous Werkplaats Typografie, became embedded in the flexible support structure of the Graduate School of the ArtEZ University of the Arts.

During monthly DAI-weeks, or at least when not heading for new horizons, the DAI's spaceship tends to land in the East of the Netherlands.

DAI's diverse and very international community of artists, curators, activists, art researchers and art writers, gathers in a former commercial building in the inner city of Arnhem, a venue it shares with the Arnhem Fashion Masters (their work spaces are located on separate floors). 

For those arriving by train instead of spaceship the walking distance from the well connected terminal to the Kortestraat is less then 8 minutes. Arnhem is the first Dutch stop-over for the many international trains entering the Netherlands via Germany. Regular and direct connections take you from Arnhem to Utrecht in 30 minutes, to Amsterdam in an hour, to Frankfurt in less than three and to Berlin in less than six hours.

Visits (welcome for our public events, otherwise exclusively upon prior arrangement):
Kortestraat 27
6811 EP Arnhem
The Netherlands 

Map ( train station to Kortestraat)


DAI / ArtEZ 
P.O.Box 49
6800 AA Arnhem
The Netherlands

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