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Auditorium: lecture-performance Bryony Gillard, 2015. Respondents (on the white couch): Christian Nyampeta (right)and Mohammad Salemy (left), in the background Snejanka Mihaylova (wearing a blue suit).

DAI spaces ( scroll for housing & overnight accommodation)

The DAI is housed in a former shop/showroom in the Kortestraat, a side street  in the city-centre of Arnhem. In the building the DAI has its office, several meeting- and project rooms, a computer space, a reading room with a broad selection of magazines and relevant publications,  a cosy canteen where we share our communal lunches and dinners.  Students can access WIFI with their own laptop in the entire building. The building is open from 08:00 in the morning till 01:00 at night, and is closed only during the night and during some official holidays.

Auditorium: Marija Sujica preparing for her lecture-presentation, 2012

Cantina overview, July 2015 

Queuing for chef Mari's delicious vegan stew

Conviviality is at the heart of our program

Mezzanine flexible work space: DAI yoga-session, 2013

Snowball fight on our rooftop terrace, 2012

Reading Room: David Maroto in conversation with radical book lover Walter van der Star, 2013

Studio space

During DAI weeks, or if students wish to work at the DAI in Arnhem outside DAI weeks as well, a mezzanine at our venue in the Kortestraat serves as a shared working/studio space.

Mezzanine: Aarti Sunder catching her breath in between two gatherings, 2013 

Ground-floor: Sarah Jones and Padraig Robinson working on a text piece by Sarah (2013). 

ArtEZ Head Quarters

The main buildings of ArtEZ (designed by the famous architect Gerrit Rietveld ), where the well equipped general workshops, mediatheque and centralized administrative departments are housed, are within easy walking distance from the DAI. All DAI/ArtEZ students have the right to use the facilities on offer in these workshops for audio-visual productions, computers, photography, graphics, wood, ceramics, plastics, metal and silk-screening that are located in the so-called Rietveld building. Students can also borrow equipment such as cameras, DVD players or beamers both at the DAI ( limited selection) as well as in the main buildings of ArtEZ. The ArtEZ dance studio's and theatre spaces can be booked by project leaders (which happens occasionally in the context of performance based classes or seminars).

The general ArtEZ mediatheque in the Rietveld-building contains a large collection of books, videotapes, slides and digital media that cover fine art, fashion and design, photography, architecture, theatre, dance, music and cinema. There is also a wide assortment of national and foreign magazines, and a computer space where you can surf the Internet or work on a thesis. All media are available for viewing and some of it can also be lent. You can borrow materials free of charge with your student card.

Housing & overnight accommodation

During DAI-weeks in Arnhem all students are accommodated in a pretty ok youth hostel at walking distance (to be reached via the lovely Sonsbeek Park).

Costs are included in the DAI-week fee of € 60 ( 2016-2018) that covers ALL meals & lodging during one such a week. The DAI also takes care of accommodation during Roaming Academy-trips to destinations worldwide.

DAI-students wishing to be permanently based in Arnhem in order to reduce their travel costs and to profit from the ArtEZ -facilities as well as the relatively low costs for housing and private studio spaces in Arnhem are advised to contact DAI co-ordinator Study Trajectory & Student Affairs Rik  Fernhout.  

DAI maintains productive relations with existing artist residencies in Arnhem and is also developing plans for its own residency in the near future. More about Arnhem & rooms for rent in Arnhem.