Service Company

In operational proximity to the executive board of the ArtEZ University of the Arts, the centralized Services Company (Servicebedrijf) is supposed to facilitate and support the different academies and programs.

Its branches are:

*Financial Affairs

*Student Affairs (which includes student counselling)

*Marketing and Communication (note that none of DAI's social media are facilitated by this department, all our internal and external communication is entirely D.I.Y.)

*Housing & Facilities (note that none of DAI's roaming facilities are organised or paid by this department, we are entirely D.I.Y.),

ICT (note that we are only partially supported by this dept, but when roaming we are entirely D.I.Y).

Education Quality Assurance

Multi Media Library

In general, due to our roaming status, our international networks and the fact that only a small number of DAI folk are based in Arnhem (where the ArtEZ Headquarters are located) the DAI profit from the services provided by the ArtEZ Service Company is fairly limited - how this is (not) reflected in the budget allocated to the DAI is an ongoing discussion.

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