Florencia Almirón

Florencia Almirón is a contemporary artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Drawing from an interdisciplinary approach she has worked across sculpture, video and installation. Throughout her practice she has constructed a determined relationship with the body, its physicality, its narratives, and the nature of things. Almiron uses materials and the readymade, from out their transformation potential, to explore narratives of survival and histories of inequality.

Recent exhibitions were,  in 2022 Hueso Auxiliar, Programa de Arte en el Espacio Público en Puertos Escobar in Buenos Aires and in 2021 Reino Pretérito, Galería Gachi Prieto, also in Buenos Aires. 




Learn more about Florencia Almirón's presentation Any Space Whatever for Maelstrom Slow Dance - DAI's 3 day graduation lectures marathon, June 2017

Learn more about Florencia Almirón’s written MA thesis (DAI, 2017): The Moving Image Portrait as an Aesthetic Political Experiment in Mimesis

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