2016-2018 Sara Benaglia (Italy)


In her own words, Sara strives to ‘develop a new form of feminism thought without the use of words’. She draws her visual language from prehistorical European matriarchal and gynocentric societies, and the geometric patterns found in figures of that period. She employs a wide range of media (video, sculpture, performance, drawing, public interventions) to bring back to life an arcane, pagan knowledge. In some of her pieces she instructed groups of young girls to draw geometrical figures in the space with their own bodies. Of course, these body exercises also call to mind Communist gymnastics and Nazi parades, but these connotations are still consistent with her exploration of ideology as something that is transmitted through bodily experience. Sara has a strong self-determination, and a set of original research questions in which she is truly invested. These are, undoubtedly, valuable assets for a promising student.