2015-2017 Wayne Wang-Jie Lim (Singapore)


Coming for a research period to DAI represents a challenge to transfer the local, cultural, social and political codes in which Wayne's practice operates to a different cultural context, and to transform the notion of Singaporean-ness (in which he has been intensely invested in former projects) in an allegorical mode that is able to address more universal questions about post-colonialism, repression, national identity and current processes of globalization and immigration. Wayne’s creative resources are varied and range from participatory projects to imitating the global trading of goods in his own artistic project. He has the capacity to learn from the experiences that happen during the creative process. For this purpose he experiments with different formats, such as the research travelogue, which inhabit a liminal space between fiction and non-fiction, enabling him to pose questions (‘what if’s’ and ‘why not’s’) that open up the imagination to speculation of new possible futures.