Think sartorial, think sexy, think money-making, think access, think down-with-Fort-Europe, think show up and show off, think YES ~ "We will host a night of sharing and showcasing our artistic practices among community. This night will be a celebration of artistic practices from in and around the Netherlands. A gathering about community, resistance, and revolutionary friendships. We will collectively revel, snack, listen, sip, sing and shimmy our way through the night together, all for a good cause. This hybrid performance night / festive reading session/ bar night / late night party aims to create connections between contributors, neighbours, and students, friends and alumni, from the Dutch Art Institute and beyond. Importantly, it also aims to raise money for the DAI Friends & Alumni Grant, an alumni-run grant that will be awarded to non-EU student(s) experiencing financial distress in their final year of study at the DAI." ~ Click to READ MORE & APPLY

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On Saturday, 28 October 2023, from 8 p.m. until late, a very special fundraiser event will take place at Paviljoen aan het Water, Rotterdam.

"Contributions can take the form of live or recorded performances, DJ sets, songs, poetry, short stories, movement or dance, liquors that you have prepared, cocktails that you will dream up, and everything in between. All money raised will go towards the grant. We invite you to submit a proposal for your own contribution to the evening. We can provide a nominal fee to participants and basic technical equipment, such as sound amplification, microphones, projector, a screen, and mixers (other necessary equipment can be provided with notice). The act should not exceed 20 minutes – unless it’s proposing a later-night DJ session – and can include a simple set up, which should be done right before the act and not be too laborious. Your contributions will go towards making a special party night that will bring together DAI students, friends & alumni (a first time, as far as the organisers are aware).

DAI alumni and friends are particularly encouraged to apply, current students are not eligible. Submissions will be read by a jury consisting of Clementine Edwards (DAI, 2018), Lukas Malte Hoffmann (DAI, 2019), Zachary Schoenhut (2020), Raúl Silva (DAI, 2021) & Marika Vandekraats (DAI, 2022).

Please send your proposal by midnight, Monday, 2 October, 2023 We will get back to successful applicants by Wednesday, 11 October 2023"




DAI Friends & Alumni Grant is a one-off annual grant that is awarded to non-EU student/s in their second year of study at the Dutch Art Institute. It is funded by the generous donations from the DAI’s broader community. It is open to eligible and interested DAI students who bear financial burden and/or stress.

The 2023-24 DAI Friends & Alumni Grant is convened by the following alumni: Clementine Edwards, Lukas Malte HoffmannZachary Schoenhut, Raúl Silva, and Marika Vandekraats.

For further information, contact them at

Follow the link above to donate through paypal or direct transfer. 

All contributions make a difference. Please share this email with your networks.