Zachary Schoenhut

Zachary Schoenhut (NY, USA 1991)  is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and researcher. His focus rests within the political and theoretical implications present at the intersections of a variety of disciplines and discourses: queer theory, linguistics, performance studies, black studies, and ethnography. Zachary engages in a number of different practices that engage multiple forms of performative, archival, sculptural, and digital methodologies.  


Learn more about Zachary Schoenhut's 20 minute presentation Multiplicity of Resonant Disruption – Act I: Cacophony & Act II: Envelopment for the AEROPONIC ACTS 2020 at Radio Kootwijk, August 2020. 

Learn more about Zachary Schoenhut's written MA thesis (DAI, 2020): Transcribbling: Queer Acts of Archival Disruption

Zachary is one of the conveners of the DAI Friends & Alumni Grant

Follow Zachary's "Life after DAI" by means of his website and instagram

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