Lukas Malte Hoffmann

Lukas Malte Hoffmann (b. 1984) is a Finland based artist originally from Germany.  

In his work he primarily uses installation, sculpture, digital imagery and video to analyse visual metaphors that shape the world we share. His main interest is to expand metaphors and cultural images, crack them open, to make them more generous and diverse.
His recent artistic practice focuses on the relations between organisms and constructed environments. More specifically, how perceived knowledge of organic structures is often used as a blueprint for ideas, institutions, and technologies.

Hoffmann has been an active member of the artist collective Samet Yilmaz (formerly k.i.beyoncé).  In 2021, he put on a solo project The House of Recordings at Central Library Oodi and Vallila Library in Helsinki, and made a duo exhibition with Clementine Edwards (DAI, 2019) at Light-Harvesting Complex in Vantaa. In 2022, he had a solo exhibition at Gallery Vanha Kappalaisentalo in Porvoo.



Watch and learn more about Lukas Malte Hoffmann’s 20 minute presentation for the AEROPONIC ACTS 2019 ~ growing roots in air ~ entitled: Broca's speaks and Wernicke's listens 

Learn more about Lukas Malte Hoffmann’s written MA thesis (DAI, 2020): Un-Doing Dualisms: What Affect Theory Can Do to Reinterpret AI

Lukas Malte Hoffmann is one of the conveners of the DAI Friends & Alumni Grant

Follow Lukas' "Life after DAI" by means of his website and instagram

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