Clementine Edwards

Clementine Edwards is a Rotterdam- and Naarm-based artist whose practice is led by sculpture and framed by post-traumatic stress disorder. Her work looks at how certain experiences and relationships might be enriched and expanded through material and at the queering, reproductive potential of non-sentient materials. Her ongoing research line is material kinship, which she locates in the context of climate colonialism. The editor of countless books, in 2021 Clementine will publish her first book as author. The Material Kinship Reader is co-edited by Kris Dittel.

Since 2017 Clementine has been editing for Casco Art Institute as a freelancer. In 2019 she participated in Casco’s second annual Assembly ‘Our House is on Fire’. The event’s intention was to initiate the collective drafting of a climate justice code for arts institutions and arts practitioners in the Netherlands and beyond. Out of the Assembly a volunteer working group formed, of which she is a part. Across distance and difference, the group has since been developing what is known today as the Climate Justice Code.


Clementine at the DAI:

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