Theresa Zwerschke ~ Keywords: rurality, class, agropolitics, social imaginations, scattered archives, folklore, nostalgia, other experts, situated knowledge, socio-culture, farmers theatre

Theresa Zwerschke works as an interdisciplinary artist, organizer, and educator based in Berlin. Her practice approaches art as a means to blur delineations between artistic research, mediation, socio-political and relational knowledge practices and often takes place in the urban periphery and rural spaces. Through engaging with unauthorized archives, ephemeral epistemologies and intersubjective narrations, Theresa’s projects aim to counter the domination of hegemonic history, high culture, and classist knowledge systems.

She is the co-founder of Bewegliche Bilder - a traveling cinema project in the rural alpine region and Catwings - an initiative for situative, relational, and performative art and research. 

With Catwings she currently holds a research fellowship at School of Commons Zurich (2023/2024).

Theresa previously studied Fine Arts and Pedagogy in Leipzig and Amsterdam and graduated from DAI in 2023. She received a Study Scholarship from Cusanuswerk (2017 - 2023), the Summerschool Salzburg Scholarship (2021), a Research Grant from the Natural History Museum Leipzig (2020), and the Fonds Soziokultur Grant (2022). Theresa contributed artworks, workshops, and organized projects in various places, such as Palazzo Ziino Palermo (2018), Zentrum für aktuelle Kunst Berlin (2019), Kunstverein Leipzig (2020), documenta archiv Kassel (2022), Cashmere Radio Berlin (2022), Okay Space Athens (2022), and Halle 14 Leipzig (2023) amongst others.


Theresa Zwerschke was an esteemed 2021-2022 co-leader of the COUNCIL, DAI's consultative student body.