COOP ~ Publishing Practices: Textauralities, Oralitures, Corpoliteracies from Month to Month

Seminar 1: 22 - 24 November 2022

Dear study group,
In our first seminar, we will introduce Publishing Practices’ trajectories, stories, images, sounds, and theories. We will engage in forms of studying together taking the cues from the expression "study for and with." In particular, we will reflect on the word "text" and the art of seaming, weaving, and suturing modes of being together through readings, meditations, walking, and video and audio sessions. We will therefore practice our first collective experiment of "texting" our interests and motivations.


Tuesday 22nd November 

Morning 10:30-13:00

10:30: Welcome gathering, presentation of the group

11:00 Chiara introduces Publishing Practices’ (PP) trajectories

11:30 Emanuela discusses theories, writing, and editing PP’s conceptual frame  

12:00 Reactions, questions, comments

13:00 Lunch

Afternoon 14:00-18:30

14:00 Study "for and with": Some notes from the tutors

14:45 Notes from the students

15:30 Break

16:00 -18:30 Exercise: Text your way of being together 

19:30 Dinner

Evening 20:30-22:00

20:30- 22:00 Presenting your texting (sounds, images, poems, objects, etc.)

Wednesday 23rd November

Morning 10:30-13:00

10:30 Reading together Seaming, Frayed and Fragmenting by Catherine Dormor + some poems to be handed out

11:30 Student-led session on reaction to the reading

13:00 Lunch

Afternoon 14:00-18:30

14:00 Text as Suturing: Brief Statements about Text as "Tantra" and Vocal Chord + some artistic examples 

14:30 Break

14:45-18:00 Exercise: artistic meditations and poems on ways of suturing wor(l)ds

19:30 Dinner

Evening 20:30-22:00

20:30 1 hour Reiki relaxation music

21:30 Student-led relaxation session

Thursday 24th November

Morning 10:30-13:00

10:30 Walking session inspired by Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing

11:30 Going to the school of roots, flowers, and dreams: sitting, breathing + reading of some excerpts 

13:00 Lunch

Afternoon 14:00-18:30

14:00 Screening TBA 

15:30 Like a sewing machine: songs and counterpoints. 

16:15 Break

17:15 Stitching, weaving, and knitting with no pattern

Evening 20:00-22:00

Intricate Con-vivius or the art of living together Student-led dinner-evening on conviviality: food, video, dance, and sound