Yuriko Ando Lochan

Yuriko Ando Lochan is an artist and a former member of the radical collective Dumb Type in Kyoto from 1984-1987. Born in 1962, Osaka, Japan, Lochan completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies obtaining a Master’s degree in painting, from the Faculty of Fine Arti, Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto. It was here that she formed Dumb Type with other members. Yuriko has been practicing as an artist in India for the last three decades.

Dumb Type is based in Kyoto, Japan. Members are trained in varied disciplines, including the visual arts, architecture, music and computer programming as well as writing, acting, dance, and other forms of performing arts. Dumb Type’s work ranges across such diverse media as art exhibitions, performances, audio-visual and printed publications.


Yuriko Ando Lochan/ Dumb Type joined remotely DAI's 2022 – 2023 COOP study group – Publishing Practices: Textauralities, Oralitures, Corpoliteracies as guest tutors during the DAI-Week of May 2023 (Salina).