Practical ~ DAI Week 9 in Athens



Student accommodation: StayOkay, Diepenbrocklaan 27 

Tutor & staff accommodation: Holiday Inn Express, Townhouse10


Breakfast: at the accomodation  

Lunch & dinner: WALTER books, Looierstraat 43

Seminar locations:

Dream Art Institute, (interim location) Weerdjesstraat 8

Karel hotel/bar, Hertogstraat 40

De Kleine Campus, Statenlaan 8

Lokaal72, (two spaces: swing & leaves), Oude Kraan 72

De Coehoorn, Coehoornstraat 17

Werkplaats Typografie, Agnietenplaats 2

ArtEZ Auditorium, Oude Kraan 26

Gabriëlle's one-to-ones:

Friday, 16 March - Friday, 23 March

Please see the schedule for times   

Location: WALTER books

Roaming Assembly: 

Theatre aan de Rijn, (public entrance is at Bartok Park, next to Feestaardvark)

Team on Location: 

Supervisor / DAI WEEK 7 production leader: Rik Fernhout

Local assistant: Henri Alles

Additional support: Joy M. Smith

Co-ordinator PLANETARY CAMPUS: Peter Sattler

Guest curator Planetary Campus: Ruth Noack

Senior assistant to the supervisor: facilitator all things tech & internal

communication: Ricardo Liong-A-Kong

Documentation Planetary Campus: Silvia Ulloa

Chefs: Pick-up, Larose, Dawid Uszyński

Books at Roaming Assembly: WALTER books (Krista Jantowski)

Director: Gabriëlle Schleijpen