Planetary Campus: The Factory 2017-2018


As an infrastructure Planetary Campus is the container for several activities initiated by the DAI, one of them is

The Factory 

In order to encourage and support the active participation and commitment of the students in and to the Roaming Assemblies, always on Sundays ( as part of DAI Weeks), the Factory offers a variety of workshops and seminars, always taking place on Saturday (again, as integral part of DAI Weeks). Occasionally The Factory will also offer autonomous worksessions with guests to further specific skills and knowledges. Team Planetary Campus is dedicated to facilitate preliminary seminars, workshops and other work meetings, led by guests: curators, speakers and performers as well as researchers, at a variety of locations.

The Planetary Campus is a compulsory curriculum component. Students are expected to engage with a minimum of three and a maximum of ten Factory workshops over the course of one academic year. Read about the creditpoints connected  in our Syllabus 2017 - 2018.

Please note that Nikos Doulos ( in March: Peter Sattler) needs to be informed about the workshop(s) you would like to participate per DAI-week. So you have to re-confirm your participation in ongoing workshops prior to the DAI-week.


Factory workshop: Alive and Otherwise

A workshop-assemblage in several chapters, led by Tania Adam, Quim Pujol  and Veronica Valentini

in preparation of ROAMING ASSEMBLY #21 in Barcelona

Saturday 17 March, Arnhem: Chapter 1 

Saturday 21 April, Barcelona: Chapter 2 & 3

Alive and Otherwise addresses 'presence', 'amplification' and 'shape-shifting', the notions that will inform Roaming Assembly #21 in Barcelona. Chapter 1, consists of an extensive meeting with the curator and will revolve around curatorial praxes that promote the production of social knowledge through projects and exhibitions based on the informal setting of distributed and situated learning processes. The meeting will furthermore explore the other (absent) body experimenting with other ways of being alive. The two chapters in Barcelona will be workshops, one of them in the format of a radio program and the other in the form of somatic exercises. Both deal with forms of presence, with 'moving the center' and redistributing it and with quick-change skills: transforming ourselves without necessarily changing our appearance.


& make sure to register with Peter Sattler

Factory workshop: The Potential for Awakening

Saturday March 17, Arnhem. 

A workshop led by Haytham el-Wardany in preparation of  


What differs sleep from coma or death radically is the potential for awakening. Only sleep can activate this potential, and opens the door for a new start or a new birth. The workshop is an invitation to reflect on sleep and awakening not as two poles in a duality, but rather as two moments in the process of changing the reality.

To awake is to realize that reality should not continue further the way it is. To awake is to recognize that a situation is not a situation anymore but a dead end. Can you recall being awake or being a part of something that is awakening? Can you recall something that awoke in you?
Participants are kindly asked to bring with them something as an answer for one or both questions. All mediums are welcome. it can be something to see, something to hear or something to read. Or anything else.

Max 10 participants. Make sure to register with Peter Sattler.


Factory workshop: The Third Reich of Dreams

Saturday March 17, Arnhem. 

A workshop about Charlotte Beradt’s collection of dreams,

led by Anja Scheffer in preparation of  


Why do we dream?

In which situation do we dream?

What is the background of these dreams?

Where can I find myself in Beradt´s text?

How can I transport the text? Make it transparent?

How can the text occupy (public) space?

How can we stage those dreams?


Max 10 participants. Make sure to register with Peter Sattler



Factory workshop: Happy Writing! (Writing as Research)

Led by David Maroto

21 October, Cologne (induction meeting); early bird seminar, followed by face-to-face meetings.  

25 November, Amsterdam;

16 December, Oldebroek;

17 February, Epen;

17 March, Arnhem

This workshop is intended to support the students in developing their writing skills. We are going to examine and discuss writing samples of the students themselves – two per session. It could be a chapter from your thesis draft (how the contents of the research can be best expressed and structured; how to use bibliography, references, etc.), or a piece of creative writing from an art project you are currently working on. The only condition is that this writing is connected to your own artistic research. 

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Factory workshop: Syndromes of the Present 

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