Planetary Campus: The Factory 2017-2018


As an infrastructure Planetary Campus is the container for several activities initiated by the DAI, one of them is

The Factory 

In order to encourage and support the active participation and commitment of the students in and to the Roaming Assemblies, always on Sundays ( as part of DAI Weeks), the Factory offers a variety of workshops and seminars, always taking place on Saturday (again, as integral part of DAI Weeks). Occasionally The Factory will also offer autonomous worksessions with guests to further specific skills and knowledges. Team Planetary Campus is dedicated to facilitate preliminary seminars, workshops and other work meetings, led by guests: curators, speakers and performers as well as researchers, at a variety of locations.

The Planetary Campus is a compulsory curriculum component. Students engage with a minimum of three and a maximum of ten Factory workshops over the course of one academic year. Read about the creditpoints connected  in our Syllabus 2017 - 2018.


Factory workshop: Alive and Otherwise

Factory workshop: Eurasian Steps

Factory workshop: The Potential for Awakening

Factory workshop: Happy Writing! (Writing as Research) 

Factory workshop: The Third Reich of Dreams

Factory workshop: The actions and values of artistic practice 

Factory workshop: Friends of the Ex-slave, Mutual Relief, Bounty and Pension Association

Factory workshop: City Walks ~ Syndromes of the Present 

Factory workshop: Syndromes of the Present 

Factory workshop: What, how and for whom of institutional negotiations 

Factory workshop: Colognealism  

Factory workshop: Mad Tea Party 

Factory workshop: On Guesting