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The Kitchen / Not The Restaurant - lecture presentations & lecture performances by students

Respondents on Thursday, October 17: Phillipe-Alain Michaud and Imogen Stidworthy

Respondents on Thursday, November 28: Ruth Noack and Miya Yoshida

Respondents on Thursday January 9: Ansuya Blom and Nishant Shah

Respondents on Thursday February 13: Otobong Nkanga and Jeff Guess

Respondents on Thursday March 13: Andrea Phillips and Walid Sadek

tag: Arnhem

Outside Academy joins SEE YOU IN THE HAGUE/ participants: students and alumni / Masterclass: Consequences of Counterterrorism Policies

Participants: Silvia Uloa, Louis Liu, Kim Schonewille, Coco Duivenvoorde, Monique Hendriksen, Pendar Nabipur, Suzanne van Rest, Anna Hoetjes, Doris Dennekamp, Taf Hassam, Katja van Driel

tag: The Hague

2013-2014 Outside Academy offers students and alumni to participate in: New World Summit - Academy for Cultural Activism / founded by Jonas Staal

Participants: Tommie Soro, Malina Suleiman, Aarti Sunder,Ben Burtenshaw, Louis Liu, Monique Hendriksen, Sarah Demoen, Sevgi Ortac, Aziza Harmel, Fotini Gouseti, Kim Schonewille, Eduardo Cachucho, Hanan Benammar, Constanza Puente, Yung-Han juan, Charlie Dance

tag: Utrecht

Co-op Academy / Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory presents: Publishing Class IV: Community in Print

Tutors and Guest Tutors: David Senior, Gwen Allen, Can Altay (Ahali), Benjamin Thorel, Nasrin Tabatabai & Babak Afrassiabi (Pages) Ricardo Basbaum and Will Holder. Project leader: Yolande van der Heide. Framework: Binna Choi

Participants: Mariana Maruyama, Aziza Harmel, Eona McCallum, Charlie Dance, Julieta Aguinaco, Maria Mercedes Salgado, Larraitz Torres, Sarah Jones, Katia Barrett, Ben Burtenshaw, Anna Dasovic.

tags: Utrecht, Arnhem, Istanbul

2013-2014 Co-op Academy: Appropriation and Dedication

Tutors and Guest Tutors: Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Gerry Bibby, Sara van der Heide, Snejanka Mihaylova, Emily Roysdon. Project leaders: Tanja Baudoin, Vivian Ziherl and Susan Gibb. Framework: Frederique Bergholtz, If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution.

Participants: Aarti Sunder, Bryony Gillard, Coco Duivenvoorde, Celia Shomal, Bonbon Juan, Constanza Puente, Jan Adriaanse, Kaste Seskeviciute, Maria Barlasov,  Monique Hendriksen, Laila Torres Mendieta, Alireza Keymanesh

tags: Arnhem, Amsterdam, Istanbul