Wednesday January 8 : Of Authors Authenticity and Authority | a DAI PUBLIC lecture by Dr. Nishant Shah


7:30 - 9:00

Location: DAI auditorium

The Internet as it was imagined has been dying. In the age of Edward Snowden and PRISM, the potentials and promises of all things digital have taken a sinister turn. Especially when it comes to cultural production and participatory movements, there is a deep Balkanisation where more than half the intellectual property rights reside with a handful of global media conglomerates. Remixing, as a part of the Copy+Paste cultures has been seen as a challenge and a subversive movement that challenges the intellectual property regimes that govern the production, distribution and access to digital material. In this talk, Nishant Shah draws from historical processes, personal anecdotes and contemporary battles around intellectual property rights in India to dislocate remix from its centrality within content-based processes. Instead he proposes that new structures of authorship, authority and authenticity need to be built in order to realise the true potentials of remix lie.

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