If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, partner since 2008

IICD brings its spirit of open questioning to the DAI through challenging and experimental workshops in which the broader meaning and possibilities of performance are investigated. In addition to the reflective capacity of the students, the methods used to do so always involve the body in relation to space, time and material: making with the hands, moving, singing, speaking. The typical research areas of IICD such as feminism, "masquerade", theatricality and affect also leave their traces at the DAI in carefully crafted, intensely concentrated projects.

The students were given the opportunity to work together on group performances with artists such as Phil Collins and the recently deceased Ian White, in which the contribution of each individual was treated with the respect so characteristic of IICD ( so involved with how "dialogue" is structured and developed over time). With these and with other fantastic artists from IICD's programme such as Hito Steyerl, Emma Hedditch, Emily Roysdon and many others, the students worked not only in classrooms, car parks, parks, theatres and dance spaces in Arnhem but also in the street, in city squares and in art spaces in Dublin, Gdansk, Bilbao en Dakar and more.

Opera Corruption

Appropriation and Dedication

Occupation, Evacuation and Transmission

Affectionally Yours



Review by Doreen Mende of the group performance 'What Would Be Good'