DAI Confluence 3 ~ PAF in St. Erme, France ~ March 1 – 11, 2024

Friday 1 March: arrival

From Brussel, a coach organised by the DAI will depart to St. Erme, a tiny village in the North of France. You will be duly informed about all practicalities.

Brussel can be reached by train (best option in terms of footprint) and by several other means of transportation.

Saturday 2 March: Kitchen

Sunday 3 March: Kitchen (morning) + WEAVER

Monday 4 March: WEAVER

Tuesday 5 March: COOP

Wednesday 6 March: COOP 

Thursday 7 March: COOP

Friday 8 March: COOP 

Saturday 9 March: HTDTWT

Sunday 10 March: HTDTWT

Monday 11 March:  Departure all