DAI Confluence 3 ~ PAF in St. Erme, France ~ March 1 – 11, 2024

Crew present at PAF: 

Kastė Šeškevičiūte, Peter Sattler, Florian Göttke, Nikos Doulos, Gabriëlle Schleijpen, Philippa Driest.

Chefs: Sophia Braddel and Rowan Beasley

Friday 1 March: arrival

From Rotterdam, a coach organised by the DAI will depart to St-Erme, a tiny village in the North of France.

1 March Bus leaves Rotterdam Centraal Station to Brussels Zaventem and to St-Erme.
departure: Rotterdam Centraal 13:30
departure: Brussel Zaventem 15:30 
return 11 March: St-Erme 09:00
arrive in Brussels Zaventem: 13:30
arrive in Rotterdam Central: 16:00

Brussel can be reached by train (best option in terms of footprint) and by several other means of transportation.

Saturday 2 March: Kitchen

Presenters, for now in no particular order: Eszter Dobos, Gloria Sogl, Tereza Dvořáková, Shaza Omran, Davide La Montagna, Nada Gambier, Anna Buyvid, Foad Alijani, Helena Estrela, Mia Tamme, Alkmini Gkousiari, Astrée Duval, Valeria Moro.

Respondents: Joy Mariama Smith and Edwin Nasr

Sunday 3 March: Kitchen continuation (morning only) + WEAVER

Monday 4 March: WEAVER                                                                                        

11:00 -12:30  ~ Location: the Green Room  

Today’s guests, theatre makers (among other artistic activities) Myriam Sahraoui and Leendert Vooijce will join us online for a presentation of their professional and personal experiences as members of the acclaimed, Amsterdam based theatre collective Female Economy, in the context of the different exchanges and projects they are involved in with their Moroccan artistic partners. They work among others with the Casablanca based theatre group Kabareh Cheikhats and created together the performance "Cheikhats a ritual beyond binary thinking”. After the artistic presentation they will be happy to answer our questions, whereby it is relevant to note that Myriam apart from being a maker and founding member of Female Economy, also works as advisor Morocco, for the organization DutchCulture, the network and knowledge organisation for international cultural cooperation, in support of the Dutch cultural and creative sector, public authorities, and diplomatic posts in the pursuit of their international ambitions.


Tuesday 5 March: COOP

Wednesday 6 March: COOP 

Thursday 7 March: COOP

Friday 8 March: COOP 

Saturday 9 March: HTDTWT

Sunday 10 March: HTDTWT

Monday 11 March: 

Departure students & tutors