We are delighted to learn that Hubert Gromny (DAI, 2021) together with Mokia Laisin and SAVVY 's new director Renan Laru-an has co-curated a solo exhibition around Jean-Ulrick Désert. "One of the rare occasions that gather the latter's artistic and intellectual practice as it collides with his itineraries, biographies, and adventures in thought, feeling, and history. Charting a trajectory enlivened in diaspora and animated by the eros and pathos of race and ethnicity, the first monographic exhibition of Désert in Germany comprehends a structure of displacement, “unvisibility,” and shame in a selection of the artist’s creative output that he has produced since 1997. The show is abundantly delightful, confrontational, and almost shy – not all at once, but in a palpitating orchestration of storytelling and critique, humor and intelligence, or fabulation and investigation: as iridescent materials for making artistic positions visible. Désert calls it “conspicuous invisibility.”

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Jean-Ulrick Désert: Conspicuous Invisibility. Works 1997–2023


SAVVY presents the first monographic exhibition by Jean-Ulrick Désert in Germany. Désert’s body of work is impressive in its breadth and ingenuity, his decades-long work in Germany has made and shaped spaces for crucial questions. For his ongoing practice and body of work, he was awarded with the inaugural Wi Di Mimba Wi :: The AKB & SAVVY Contemporary Commission Prize as well as the show entitled CONSPICUOUS INVISIBILITY. WORKS 1997–2023. 

JEAN-ULRICK DÉSERT is a Haitian born conceptual and visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. Désert’s artworks vary in form: public billboards, actions, paintings, site-specific sculptures, video and art objects. They emerge from a tradition of conceptual work engaged with social and cultural practices.


22.06.2023 18:00 In English With Mokia Laisin
29.06.2023 18:00 In German With Mokia Laisin
06.07.2023 18:00 In English With Hubert Gromny
09.07.2023 16:00 In Polish With Hubert Gromny
13.07.2023 16:00 In English With Kelly Krugman
16.07.2023 15:00 In English With the artist Jean-Ulrick Désert and the artistic director Renan Laru-an

Read more about the exhibition on SAVVY's website

Read more about Hubert Gromny, who, during his studies at the DAI commitedly participated in two COOP study groups tutored by representatives of SAVVY:      ReSituating and ReCalibrating Hostipitality and Performing the Living )) (( Living the Performing Reconnecting with Cycles.