Hubert Gromny

"Hubert Gromny (b. 1990, Poland) is an artist, researcher, and curator. He holds an MA in Art Praxis from the Dutch Art Institute (2021), an MA in Fine Arts from Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (2015), and a BA in Philosophy from Jagiellonian University (2015). 

In his practice, Hubert questions the division of labor within the art (and beyond) by taking various institutional roles. Engaging with different positions and modalities of practice is aimed to create spaces of sensibility and action, which dismantle fixed categories of political, cultural, and personal. 

His current practice revolves around media of analog photography, writing, storytelling, and video as methodologies of summoning materiality of the absent. His recent research is aimed to situate notions of development and underdevelopment as tools of global capital propaganda and to unmask their use for the genocidal foundation of the modern state. The research engaging with histories of generational traumas is personalized through the method of summoning and storytelling, which aims to de-center oppressive structures and focus instead on searching for ceremonies of giving justice to quotidian lives and modalities of inhabitation situated beyond modern horizon of imagination. 

He presented his work, among others, in CCA Bunkier Sztuki in Cracow, Archeological Museum in Cracow, CCA BWA Sokół in Nowy Sącz, Museum of Origins of Polish State in Gniezno, Akademie der Künste der Welt in Cologne, Platform in Munich, La Quiñonera in Mexico City, Nordic House in Reykjavik, Gerðasafn Museum in Kópavogur, Hafnarborg Museum in Hafnarfjörður, Performing Arts Forum in St Erme, MeetFactory in Prague. His texts were published in academic journals such as Kultura Współczesna (Contemporary Culture), Sensus Historiae, Journal for Cultural Studies, and art criticism magazines Szuma Magazine, and Blok Magazine. At the moment, Hubert is based in Berlin where he is part of the team of SAVVY Contemporary."




Learn more about Hubert Gromy's 20 minute performance "have you heard about the street" for UNDERSTORY CHANT ~ Aeroponic Acts, August 2021 in Arnhem. 

Learn more about Hubert Gromny's written MA thesis (DAI, 2021): Living the Dead: Silver in Flesh

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