Binna Choi, co-artistic director of the seventh edition of the Singapore Biennale and co-tutor of our COOP study group "Long Time No See: Forming a new art economy of the commons," invites you to join the biennale named Natasha. The act of naming serves as a prompt to artists, collaborators, and audiences to re-discover ways of seeing and relating to the world. Going to Natasha is to embrace the possibility of intimacy and spontaneity afforded by such recognition, as well as to reflect on the transformative potential within life and its relations — from self to others, from human to non-human, from living to non-living and vice versa, and beyond. The artists and collaborators thus become ‘fellow travellers’ in the journey of Natasha, expressed through artistic imagination and research. Featuring over 50 artists and collaborators embarking on a collective journey with Natasha. Till 19 March 2023. Natasha features several DAI alumni: Areumnari Ee (DAI, 2018), Aarti Sunder (DAI, 2015), Assem Hendawi (DAI, 2020) and Wayne WJ. Lim (DAI, 2017). Learn more about all of them.

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