Admission Requirements

Art Praxis

A student at the DAI can boast an energetic, inventive, artistically and/or intellectually engaging praxis, as beginning or emerging visual artist or performance artist, (art)writer, researcher, curator, theatre maker, composer, urbanist or architect, film maker, photographer, dancer, choreographer, activist, designer or, and this is most likely the case, a hybrid of (some of) these or otherwise. 

Required degree 

In order to be accepted, you have already earned a BA, BFA or a degree-level certificate at a higher level of study. Certificates will be verified by the Student Department @ArtEZ University of the Arts. 

Exceptionally, an application by a truly outstanding practitioner who is not in the possession of a relevant degree may be taken into consideration (please note that we as DAI can only issue a heartfelt recommendation and motivation letter to underpin our strong wish to accept you into our program. But it is the official Exam Committee of the ArtEZ University of the Arts which holds the unique right to veto our joint request for admission. At this point unfortunately this Exam Committee has not offered clear guidelines for acceptance of candidates not in the possession of a relevant degree into the MA programs of the ArtEZ Graduate School. If you think your case is solid enough, you are still VERY welcome to apply for a placement@DAI. We might be up for a challenge, but Fighting Bureaucracy is our middle name:)).


The DAI sees English, for better or for worse, as the lingua franca (working language, bridge language, vehicular language, unifying language); the language we use systematically, in order to make communication possible between people who do not share a mother tongue. Communication skills at the level of our syllabus will be assessed by the Admissions Committee. Nothing more, nothing less.


There is no age restriction for study at the DAI, nor is there a set limit to the time span between graduation with a bachelor's degree and application to our master's programme. The DAI seeks to bring together a diversity of praxes, experiences and positions, a plurivocal band of great people whom we believe will be able to connect with each other in an interesting way through shared philosophical questions, artistic intuitions and political sensibilities, rather than similarity in backgrounds.  

A "we" perhaps

Students (and tutors) at the DAI ideally share:

*a reflective mind

*a desire for critical theory and discourse

*a loving embrace and careful understanding of diversity

*a committed interest in art as a space for free, yet answerable thinking and making

* a committed interest in art as a space for the exploration of collectivity as modus operandi

*a receptive and responsible attitude towards the experimental and the contingent

*an amused appreciation of spaceships and communal life on board. 

*a respectful, responsible and generous attitude towards hosting and guesting

Students (and tutors) ideally subscribe to the relevance and beauty of the concepts of

*"care of the self" (in the Foucauldian sense)

as well as 

*"love of the world" (in the Arendtian sense)

Read about the positions we care for as community and as institution



The DAI offers a unique and quite experimental program. As a Roaming Academy without a building and thus without fixed class rooms, let alone individual studio spaces, we are looking for highly motivated students who are willing to deal with the exciting, but also very specific, challenging working & living conditions evolving from our infrastructure. Our crew is keen to help students navigate back and forth between their homes and spaceship DAI, but our capacities and means are not without their limits. Our "Planetary Campus" is a conceptual space, welcoming yes, but without walls and without roof. Incoming students will not find their beds made up for them... Therefore it is of crucial importance to use the admissions trajectory as a serious exploration of our mutual interests and realistic possibilities. We, from our part, are very much looking forward to forthright and lively conversations with you.


Admissions Procedure including all 2019-21 application deadlines

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