Kitchen Coaching sessions with Hypatia Vourloumis -or- Quinsy Gario: DAI week 2 in Oldebroek

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Apart from the, on the spot, improvised responses to The Kitchen presentations & The Question by the invited, monthly changing guests, each student is furthermore offered one intensive and entirely personal advisory session (face to face) with either Hypatia Vourloumis or Quinsy Gario ( the sessions will start in Oldebroek in November).

The advises by Hypatia and Quinsy will be projected towards the final presentations in June. For second year students this concerns their so-called Aeroponic Act in the presence of guest respondents related to Roaming Assembly 28/29, curated by sonsbeek20-24. First year students will be working towards their end of year Kitchen presentations, in the presence of all the DAI’s theory-tutors. 

CHECK back regularly - schedule may be prone to changes !