How is the DAI currently embedded in the ArtEZ University of the Arts ?


Since 2016 the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) is formally part of the newly inaugurated

Graduate School of ArtEZ, University of the Arts

The Graduate School of ArtEZ is an experimental, de-disciplined, and collaborative framework for knowledge and research in the arts, to build resilient futures, equitable societies, and diverse thinking.

The distinctively labelled, existing (DAI Art Praxis, Werkplaats Typografie, Fashion held in Commons, IMAE, a.o.) and proposed masters programmes at the Graduate School of ArtEZ, all envision the creation of a corpus of knowledge, practices, performances, and processes that establish the arts as a creative force of transformation and change in the contemporary times.

The Graduate School is as committed to developing processes by which its design and art practices create impact that is thoughtful, caring, and nuanced in its engagement with diversity in identity, thought, intellectual canons, forms, and ways of artistic living as we are to rigour and refection in our artistic work.

The Graduate School is oriented towards internationalisation, and measures its excellence both in the value add it brings to its students and faculty, as well as in conversations and dialogues it generates for the multiple communities that we inhabit and inherit.

ArtEZ University of the Arts is headed by the Executive Board.