Roaming Assembly: our symposia, open to the public

DAI Roaming Assembly# 27 presents Sonsbeek Council #1

Force Times Distance - On Labour and its Sonic Ecologies

convened by sonsbeek 20->24* and Beya Othmani

with contributions by:

Antonia Alampi

Iheb Guermazi 

Amal Khalaf 

Thokozani Mhlambi

Alia Mossallam

Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung

Beya Othmani

The Saida Manoubia Musical Troupe of Najoua Balti 

Ali Saidane

The Sidi Ali Lasmar Stambali group 

Ali Tnani

* sonsbeek 20->24 is curated by Antonia Alampi, Amal Alhaag, Zippora Elders, Aude Mgba, Vincent van Velsen and Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung as artistic director.

March the 8th, from 14:00 - 21:00 @ Lezart - 2 Rue Pline, Site archéologique de Carthage 2016, Tunisia



As an infrastructure Planetary Campus is the container for several activities initiated by the DAI.

One of them is our Roaming Assembly, a recurring public symposium functioning as it were as the DAI-week's 'centerfold' event. This state-of-the-art speculative and hybrid program explores specific themes and topics of contemporary relevance to the thinking of art in the world today. 

Although closely interlinked with the DAI's curriculum, Roaming Assembly editions are not conceived as plain extensions of the regular DAI classes and seminars, but rather envisioned as sovereign happenings, designed to mobilize our bodies, our intelligences.

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