2010-2012 Rosie Heinrich

Rosie Heinrich (UK) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. Heinrich works with audio material from recorded conversations as a medium to construct narrative works that consider the constitution of our personal and collective realities, through the act of (self-)storytelling. By means of interview, audio and video works, performances and printed matter she explores both forms and languages of narration and self-narration. 

Heinrich completed the MFA programme at the Dutch Art Institute in 2012, when she published the sound piece ‘It was big enough to get me completely inside’ (2012). Live performances developed from this sound piece have been presented at Sub Urban Video Lounge, Rotterdam; INexactly THIS – Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam and Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam. Her recent video work ‘It's possibly the only way that I can walk through myself’ (2014) was screened at A Tale of a Tub, Rotterdam, and at Het Vijfde Seizoen, Den Dolder where she was invited as a guest teacher for the Sandberg Institute Cure Master. In 2015 she spent six months in Reykjavik gathering material for her upcoming video work and publication ‘We always need heroes’ (working title).

Alongside her artistic practice Heinrich works as a translator for artists’ publications and other art-related texts (Dutch to English).

In 2015 Rosie joined the DAI's Associate PHD Research Collective as a researcher.