Rosie Heinrich: Standing in the Atlas


Independent reviewer: Facs of Life

Arnhem, July 2012


 This research focuses upon different means of perceiving the world. My interest has circulated around Aby Warburgʼs working method when constructing his Bilderatlas Mnemosyne. His method provided a tool for observing pathos within the chaos of our histories, by means of a working table upon which he reconfigured constellations of images. He strived to keep thought in continual movement, disallowing the fixity of orders.
Taking the notion of this working table, I have considered how it might translate into other modes of how we filter (temporary) order or constellate displays of images from the chaos of our worlds. I have been interested in modes of thought and reasoning, and our quest for meaning. And how art and strategies of display might deal with these processes by means of slicing through the chaos to relieve transversal knowledge of an imaginative, sensible nature.