2015-2017 Sonia Kazovsky (Israel/Russia)


Sonia has been carrying out different versions of a project simply called The Archive. It originates from a traumatic event when she was a child. She has collected press clippings and documentation from mass media about this incident. Her work oscillates between the use of the archive (with all its claims of evidence and factual truth) and the narrative (founded in the memory of her personal experience). Hence the different iterations of the project, in which she strives at hitting the right key that would enable her to show the work in a way that makes justice to all its complexity. At the very core of her efforts to reconstruct the memory of the event lies the fracture of a trauma. Collecting data functions as her particular reconstruction of a trauma not far removed from how psychoanalysis operates. Finding the right medium to her work, not discarding curatorial practice, is the axis of her incipient research.