DAI bulletin 2013-2014 no 8

DAI-week number 8:

SCHEDULE DAI-WEEK 12-16 May 2014

 May 12: Monday

The first day of this DAI-week is reserved for the three projects that together form the so-called COOP ACADEMY. Today the students participating in the different projects will split up and travel to Arnhem or Eindhoven.

10:45: Using the Museum, curated and tutored by the Van Abbemuseum; with project leader Nick Aikens and guest tutor Ahmet Öğüt

Location: Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

13:00: Appropriation and Dedication, curated and tutored by If I Can't Dance; with Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Susan Gibb

Location: DAI Reading Room

13:00: Publishing Class IV: Community in Print, curated and tutored by Casco; this month with Yolande van der Heide, Janine Armin, Benjamin Thorel & Anniek Brattinga

Location: Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem

19:30-20:30 communal dinner in the DAI Cantina.

Take Notice: Evening program this week is for ALL students

21.00 - 22:00 DAI SALON artist presentation ~ Thank You For Coming by Laure Prouvost

May 13: Tuesday

10:00-18:00 Face to face tutorials: all students

Location: DAI spaces on all floors

One on one meetings between students and (guest) tutors. This week with:
Adrian Rifkin, Grant Watson, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, TJ Demos, Renée Ridgway, Christiane Berndes, Nick Aikens, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Susan Gibb, Yolande van der Heide, Janine Armin, Benjamin Thorel, Anniek Brattinga, Milica Tomic, Doreen Mende, Laure Prouvost and Gabriëlle Schleijpen.

Concurrently: face to face meetings between DAI students and participants of De Appel Curatorial Programme, organised by DAI's Michelle Browne and De Appel's Kate Strain

13:00-14:00 communal lunch

18:30-19:30 communal dinner in the DAI Cantina

19:30-  The Sonsbeek Series - Lecture NR 1: Arnhem, New York, Berlin, an ever expanding and contracting context by Valerie Smith

Location: DAI auditorium


May 14: Wednesday

9:30-17:00 Roaming Research Academy: group splits up for 3 different projects

Seminar:  Welcome to Econotopia - commons of the contemporary by Renée Ridgway 

Today's guest tutor: TJ Demos

Location: DAI Project room

Seminar: Travelling Communiqué: From Belgrade, September 5, 1961 by Doreen Mende, this week with Milica Tomić.

Location: DAI Audi 2

Seminar: To Make a Work - Motivation, Affinity, Circumstance with Grant Watson and Wendelien van Oldenborgh  and guest Adrian Rifkin

Location: DAI Reading Room

13:00-14:00 communal lunch

18:30-19:30 communal dinner

20:00 -  'Not I', the final presentation of ArtEZ / DAI guest researcher Alireza Keymanesh

Location: ArtEZ Theatre 1, Onderlangs 9

May 15: Thursday


The Kitchen / Not The Restaurant continues with individual meetings between students and four invited 'coaches'; Rebecca Sakoun, Yael Davids, Chiara Fumai and David Weber-Krebs, who will each guide their group of participants towards the final round of individual lecture presentations or lecture performances and lecture installations in June upcoming.

For the division of the groups see The Kitchen / Not The Restaurant


9:30-18:30  face to face tutorials with Alena Alexandrova, Jorinde Seijdel, Bassam El Baroni, Brian Kuan Wood, Rana Hamadeh, Florian Göttke, David Maroto and Gabriëlle Schleijpen.

13:00-14:00 communal lunch

17:15: Daoyintu (Daoist Yoga) with Theo ( depending on the weather this will take place in or around our venue)

18:30-19:30 communal dinner

19:30 -  ALL students : Round table meeting with Gabriëlle Schleijpen and Rik Fernhout.

May 16: Friday

09:30-12:30 How To do Things With Theory:

- Seminar by Jorinde Seijdel

- Seminar by Alena Alexandrova

- Seminar by Bassam El Baroni

13:00-14:00 Lunch 

14:30-16:30 DAI PUBLIC lecture: Fatal Attraction: Internet as Empathy by Brian Kuan Wood for DAI, kindly hosted by Museum Arnhem.

Location: Museum Arnhem, Utrechtseweg 87, Arnhem

End of the DAI Program of this week, except for

Saturday May 17

Bassam El Baroni's seminar continues throughout the day ~ exclusively for the participants in his seminar.